Factory ReportsDirect to DMS

Using only web-browser to fully
automate your factory reports.

Upload your dealer specific reports such as rebate, incentive and vehicle information to Accumatic platform using only your browser.

Specify additional details that you want to add or change, like report posting date or account. Accumatic will remember these details and learn from your input!

Within seconds you will receive a file ready for upload to your DMS. No other software needed. Take hours and turn it into seconds with Accumatic!

  • Warranty Claims

  • Dealer Reserve

  • Monthly Statements

  • Rebates

  • Incentives

  • Wholesale Payments

  • Holdback Detail

  • Retail Payments

  • Weekly Statements

Time is money. Accumatic is ready to automate your report
processing direct to DMS. We look forward to hearing from you.