Factory Parts Statement Solution

Automate all your factory
reports and post directly to
your DMS

Reports that took hours to post, now take minutes

Accumatic can automate the lookup process for you! No more having to translate the VIN to the stock number or the customer number

Factory Reporting has always been a headache. No more, thanks to Accumatic. If it shows up on your Factory Parts Statement, Accumatic can automate it for you. Do you have your accounts controlled by a Stock or Customer #? Accumatic does the VIN to Stock or Customer # for you!

We all know that Parts & Expense invoicing take up the most real estate on your Factory Statements. With Accumatic you can process hundreds of these invoices in seconds. Accumatic accurately codes these invoices for you based on your Parts Accounting parameters.

Warranty reports have a lot going on! Not to worry, Accumatic can process all of your Warranty reports within seconds. PDI’s, claim credits, all types of warranty claims, fuel credits – whatever the Factory throws at you.

Whether it’s Factory F&I reporting or 3rd Party, Accumatic has you covered. We support contracts sales on ALL products, claim credits, cancellations, Finance Reserve statements and much more!

Transformations in Seconds

Report transformations were most often done with formulas in Excel and referencing other reports to identify stock numbers, control numbers, etc. With Accumatic, simply drag and drop your reports (as a PDF, CSV or Excel) in our platform and in seconds your reports are automatically transformed, accurately coded and available to post into your DMS.


Let Accumatic retain the knowledge

Losing “tribal knowledge” when a team member leaves can decimate an accounting department’s ability to provide accurate and timely numbers. With Accumatic, all that you have to train on is Accumatic. Set your accounting requirements once and forget it!

Accurate Postings Every Time

Accounting postings are always subject to error when being posted by hand. Interpretation of a report and incorrect data entry creates clean up after the fact. Let Accumatic post your entry for you directly from the factory reports and completely do away with after posting clean up!


“Accumatic dramatically reduced the amount of
time we were spending on manual data entry. We
can identify any variance and troubleshoot much
quicker than before. With 13 franchises, it has
been a tremendous savings.”

Bryce Clary – Owner Bud Clary Auto